General question about online dating. I'm about a month out of a break-up...well, whatever you call it when a year-long undefined relationship ends but is still kind of unresolved. I'm thinking about cleansing my palate and distracting myself with some friendly conversation and dating, because this is has been several years of off-and-on that I need to proactively move past. I've only briefly tried OkCupid before, and my friend convinced me to sign up for eHarmony, but I haven't decided yet if I'm going to cancel in time to get a refund (i.e. tomorrow). I get excited when I receive a message or look at a cute profile, and there are some interesting people out there, but I completely chicken out when I start to reply to an email or answer the "5 questions" on eHarmony. It's a combination of not being sure if I'm ready, feeling unresolved about how things ended, and also just nervousness about meeting new people. I know there is no harm in some simple replies or answering questions, but I am still hesitant. Any advice on how to dive in and get started? (Other than looking in the mirror and telling myself that I'm good enough, smart enough, and doggone it, people will like me?)