Feeling kind of bummed. I talk to my best friend of 10+ years nearly every day about everything (and she talks to me about everything). She emailed me to ask how things had gone with off-again/on-again guy the other night, and at the end of a long email about unrelated conversational stuff, I updated her about that. It'd gone (I thought) positively and things are sort of moving forward slowly and organically. She has been not on board with him/this since we started things up again a year and a half ago, and during some of the last few admittedly angsty months has been pretty dismissive or exasperated with me. I get that my friends just want me to be happy and be treated well, but it's my life and I'm not married to a college sweetheart like she and other friends are, I'm still figuring things out. She's one of the few people I regularly talk to about this. Anyway, in response to my update she replied that I'm just going to do what I want, and she doesn't have anything nice to say, she's reached her limit on the topic and it's probably best if I don't talk to her about him anymore. I'm really, really hurt. There are plenty of things she talk or complains to me about that I don't necessarily agree with about her life/relationship/family issues etc., but I would never EVER tell her or any good friend that I didn't want to hear it or that I wouldn't listen. This is also coming during a time when I'm holed up at home frantically writing a thesis and not exactly seeing or talking to a lot of people, except for our regular conversations which have, because of this, kind of been petering out. I don't know how I should respond, or if I should not respond at all for a bit and try to focus on my work. Thoughts? I feel like a gigantic asshole but also my feelings are hurt.

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